Life between Things and Nature: Planning and the Challenge of the Environment

The 18th edition of the Triennale di Milano was recognised by the BIE on 14 December 1989 and was held between February and May 1992. Following the remarkable success of the 17th Triennale, the next edition was initially troubled by a political and management crisis, with no board of governors to programme the exhibitions. As a result, architect Alberto Cavalli was appointed special commissioner to oversee the exhibition and ensure its commitments were met.

The overarching theme of the 1992 edition was “Life between Things and Nature: Planning and the Challenge of the Environment”. In light of this, many of the exhibits had a particular focus on the relationship between technology and the protection of the environment. Architecture, which had dominated the two previous editions, made only a marginal appearance among international contributions. Visitors made their way through a series of exhibitions and displays that investigated the shifting relations between the life of human beings, technological advance and the ecological balance of the environment.

The international sections included a broad selection of global design, with 16 countries representing, including a truly surprising contribution from Switzerland, entitled After Chernobyl.